Sponsorship of Uniforms & Study Materials


Project Scope The project will ensure an in-house and better environment and to generate interest about education among the deprived tribal students. All the poor and deprived 1300 tribal students of 9th and 10th class, We will be provided with Uniform, study materials, stationery and bed arrangements to study and stay in the residential campus. By this the interest level among the poor tribal children will increase for education.


Project Need In India there is an amalgam of 437 Tribes and Orissa includes 62 of them. Total Tribal Population in India counts to 20 millions, out of which 7 millions (approx.), constituting 24% of the State’s total population reside in Orissa. Despite being a rich state in terms of mines & minerals & natural resources, Orissa has not made any real progress and removal of illiteracy holds the key to all programmes of tribal development. This project will increase level of interest in education among the poor tribal children.


Potential no. of beneficiaries 1300 tribal students

Total funding required INR 19,85,330

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