Awareness about opportunities among the youth


Project Scope This project is about creating an online pool of opportunities (scholarships, internships, events, competitions and more) across domains (technology, arts and design, business, entrepreneurship, sciences, medicine, sports and more) for students and fresh graduates from around the country. Students and young professionals are encouraged to share opportunities which are made easy using a simple post-publish mechanism on online portal.


Project Need Youth, particularly those in Tier II and Tier III colleges, in India continue to remain uninformed about opportunities that can help them build skills and improve their career prospects. Internships, scholarships, events, workshops and competitions can help often them take huge leaps professionally. The purpose of the project is two fold - To increase awareness about opportunities; improve quality of and access to information and to create a culture of sharing opportunities amongst youth (which currently does not exist)


Total funding required INR 20,00,000

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