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(22 May 1772 - 27 September 1833)

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the founder of the BrahmoSamaj, one of the first Indian socio-religious reform movements. He played a major role in abolishing the role of Sati. Raja Rammohan Roy was a great scholar and an independent thinker. He advocated the study of English, Science, Western Medicine and Technology. He was given the title 'Raja' by the Mughal Emperor.


Raja Ram Mohan Roy believed education to be an implement for social reform.
In 1817, in collaboration with David Hare, he set up the Hindu College at Calcutta.
In 1822, Roy founded the Anglo-Hindu school, followed four years later (1826) by the Vedanta College; where he insisted that his teachingings of monotheistic doctrines be incorporated with "modern, western curriculum.".
In 1830, he helped Rev. Alexander Duff in establishing the General Assembly's Institution (now known as Scottish Church College), by providing him the venue vacated by Brahma Sabha and getting the first batch of students.
He supported induction of western learning into Indian education.
He also set up the Vedanta College, offering courses as a synthesis of Western and Indian learning.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy is a great historical figure who put laudable efforts to transform India and dared to defy the age old Hindu traditions. He undertook a lot of social reforms to change the society and worked to uplift the status of women in India. Roy fought against Sati system. He was also a great scholar who translated many books, religious and philosophical work and scriptures into Bengali and also translated Vedic scriptures into English.
Raja Ram Mohan Roy was an Indian socio-educational reformer who was also known as ‘Maker of Modern India’ and ‘Father of Modern India’ and ‘Father of the Bengal Renaissance.’ He was born on May 22, 1772 into a Bengali Hindu family.
He was the founder of the BrahmoSamaj at Kolkata in 1828. His efforts actually led to the resumption of the ethics principles of the Vedanta school of philosophy. He co-founded the Calcutta Unitarian Society.
He extensively studied Christianity and other religion. This made him realize that some Hindu traditions and superstitions were required to be reformed. He came to this conclusion while working for the East India Company. Apart from this he was born into a family with religious diversity which probably controlled his thinking. Roy was against idol worship and propagated the oneness of God through BrahmoSamaj..
The title ‘Raja’ was given to him by the Mughal Emperor. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the first educated Indian to travel to England. He went to England as an ambassador of the Mughal emperor Akbar II.
He wanted to combine the righteousness of Western and Indian culture. He was against traditional Hindu practices and echoed his voice against Sati system, polygamy, caste rigidity and child marriage. He was greatly moved by his sister-in-laws death who became Sati.
He put remarkable efforts in the education system of India. To modernize the education system, Raja Ram Mohan Roy established many English schools. He set up the Hindu collage at Calcutta in 1822. He assisted Alexander Duff to establish the General Assembly’s Institution. Roy promoted and urged that science, technology, western medicine and English should be taught at Indian schools.
To politically educate people, Raja Ram Mohan Roy even published magazines in different languages including English, Hindi, Persian and Bengali. Noticeable magazines published by him were the Brahmonical Magazine, the SambadKaumudiandMirat-ul-Akbar.
Raja Ram Mohan Roy died on 27 September 1833 in Bristol because of meningitis.

We are greatly inspired by his thinking and philosophy of life.
Though India has made a progress in some areas and left behind certain social evils but condition of women is still far behind. But now ,Through this project we want to succeed  his incomplete mission.He is the great effort for us to take this project a step further.We are confident that this project will be able to one day succeed his purpose. Where there is no education, there is only one of the project will be to spread the light of education. Like him, we believe that real change can be brought to society by teaching.So the effort does not stop in any way.



How to apply for Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Scholarship : 

How to apply for Raja Ram Mohan Roy National Scholarship and Whatever it takes to Apply


1. Firstly login  www.aratifoundation.in and go student aria and click student Registration.And fill up the registration form with your e-mail and phone no. ,category (as par provided in the chart) and submit  www.aratifoundation.in. After this you will be given a User Id and password in your e-mail account, which will allow you to access your account.

Note : The applicant must have a won valid e-mail ID .

2. Pay only 50/- rupees for 5 years registration as per foundation rule. ( If the registration fee is not paid, your account will not be activated. Then all applications received from this deactivated account will be cancelled. ) To activate your account,Send the payment ID and Adhaar Card Number. ( You will need to deposit the registration fees to get the payment ID number.Use the PayUMoney option for deposit registration fees.)  Download your registration card after payment. After your account is activated, collect registration card using the Generate and Download option.

Note : After the payment, your account will take 24 hours to activate. However, you can download the registration card even if your account is not active. In this time you will need to login your account and use the Re-print your registration card option for download the registration card.

( In accordance with the organization's rules, the paid registration fees is not eligible for refund in any way. )

3. Click on Scholarship with the user ID and password from the mail given to you and fill up the application form. And submit and print application form.

4. The applicant must have a won valid e-mail ID and phone number or someone  you know. 

5. Applicant must have a Bank Account and Aadhaar number.

6.  One copy passport photo and signature scan will give proper place on the form.

7.  After completing the online application submit and print out the application form.  After that the information that will be provided with the form will be mentioned on page 2 of the form.


 8.  Finaly send the hard copy of the application to the providing address via (normal post/registry/speed post)or submit to the Aratifoundation Volunteer.




The Chairman,

Arati Foundation

Diamond Harbour, Jaltank Road ,West Bengal, Pin - 743331


Scholarship Schemes




Amount (Rs. Per Year)

Percentage of marks

Pre Univ.


Post Grad.

Category 'A'

Govt. & Govt. Aided Schools

5th to 12th Classes




Pass marks

Category 'B' ITI Students

Govt. & Govt. Aided Private ITIs

Rs.600/- to Rs.3500/-




Category 'C'
Govt. & Govt. Aided Colleges

i) Graduate Courses Like:

B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, BFA, BCA, BBA, BBM etc


Rs.600/- to Rs.3500/-






ii) Post Graduation Courses like:

M.A, M.Phil, M.Com, M.Lib (Science), MBA, M.Sc, MVSc, MCA, etc.






Rs.1000/- to
Rs. 5000/-




Category 'D' 

Govt. & Govt. Aided Schools / Colleges


Those private schools, collegess / institutes

where exorbitant fee is not charged from the students.


 Other Courses:

Scholarship will not be given for courses of less than one year.



i) Rs 500/- to Rs 3500/-

ii) Rs 1000/- to Rs 5000/-
































Important instruction before applying this Scholarship:



  1. The Students whose family income is below 1lak rupees per year may also apply.
  2. BPL card or Income Certificate issued by Patwari, BDO, Revenue Officer, any Gazetted Officer, anyRetired IAS, IPS or Class I Central Govt. Officer, Sarpanch/GraPradhan/President of Village Panchayat. For Rajasthan state, since the Govt. of Rajasthan has prohibited the Revenue Officers from issue of Income Certificates and have authorised self certifiedIncome Certificates duly notarized by the Notary Public with two responsible witness, such Income Certificates will be accepted from Rajasthan. In case the Income Certificate is issued in any language other than Hindi or English, the student should also submit a translated copy in English or Hindi duly certified by the Principal / Authorised Signatory.
  3. Scholarships will be given in all Govt., Govt. aided Schools, Colleges/ Institutes and those private schools, Colleges/ institutes where exorbitant fee is not charged from the students.
  4. The scholarship will be given in 4 categories, Category ‘A’ – Having pass marks in the final exam, students from class ‘V’ to class ‘XII’ may also apply. Category ‘B’ – Students undergoing ITI course provided they must have secured minimum 50% (for  Boys) and 45% (for Girls) marks in the final school leaving exam may also apply.  Category ‘C’ -  Students undergoing Degree courses / Masters stream provided they must have secured minimum 50% (for  Boys) and 45% (for Girls) marks in the final Bord / University exam. Category ‘D’ – Same rules for the other courses.
  5. Scholarship will not be given for courses of less than one year.
  6. Scholarship shall be discontinued after the student crosses 30 years of age.
  7. Every applicant has to register at first before applying for this scholarship. But the registration card does not give any guarantee for employment / scholarship.


Note: This does not mean that to apply for the scholarship, Foundation is obliged to provide the scholarship. Every applicant will be giving this scholarship based on his qualifications.


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