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Register by Government of West Bengal ( office of the A.R.A. - III KOLKATA, District : Kolkata )

Under section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income - tax Act, 1961

Date of incorporation/Formation : 27/02/2017

Query No : 19031000062308

Serial No : 1903001576

Deed No / Registration No : IV - 190301026


Directors of Arati Foundation are :   1: S.D Pal ( Chairman and Founder )

                                                              2: ANSHUMAN DUTTA ( Secretary )

                                                             3:  S.K HOSSAIN ( Treasurer )


BANI ACHARIYA ( Project Manager )

SUDARSHAN ADAK ( Assistance Secretary )



Trust Category : Non govt. Organization ( N.G.O )

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Facebook page : www.facebook.com/aratifoundation.in/


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Our Vision

We want to make an active contribution to more justice and equality of opportunities for all people, no matter where they were born.Therefore we advocate a world where everybody has access to clean water, food, medical care, education and work.


Our Mission

Our mission is not to look away, but to take a very close look wherever we perceive social, socio-cultural or environmental discrimination! It is our goal to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people by means of sustainable support programmes and to enable them to live their lives with dignity.






Chairman and Founder of Arati Foundation 


Arati Foundation works with a variety of project partners and community groups in many educational and development related endeavors. Our mission is not only to look at issues concerning access to education, but also to ensure that every child has access to an education that is meaningful. We try and ensure that nutrition and health care needs of the children are met. As our rapport builds with our partners and communities we provide support to make the community impact more tangible by supporting areas of need such as women’s issues, community awareness related issues and more. With these thoughts in mind we have invested our energies in supporting different types of endeavors as described below. Our support in each of these areas not only helps the individual efforts but also guides our work in terms of how we invest our energies as an organization. It helps us realize the problems faced by different communities and the important role played by each type of endeavor.

Our Vision and Mission Since its formation, Subhodip Palhas been nurturing this Foundation like a baby, discharging his moral and social responsibilities as Patron in the true spirit of the words of Mahatma Gandhi. By dint of hard work, unshakeable commitment and love for humanity, the Foundation has steadfastly pursued its avowed objectives and has moved forward in leaps and bounds in fulfilling the aims for which the Foundation was originally set up. Believing in the adage "every single paisa of the Foundation is God's money" Subhodip Pal has been taking utmost care in ensuring that maximum benefit is given to the deserving mankind/institutions, while maintaining absolute simplicity without any pomp and show. Chairman and Managing Director, has been contributing substantially to the Foundation for discharging its social responsibilities towards the society at large. In the process, Arati foundation as well as various other related Societies / Trusts / Institutions are running hospitals/ schools, vocational training centres, mobile dispensaries, awarding scholarships to poor students and donations to other charitable institutions. At the cost of repetition, it is worth mentioning that while spending money on any charitable activity, it is ensured that not a single paisa is wasted and proper verification and cross checks are made before and after giving scholarships, donations etc. to ensure that financial assistance given is properly utilised. All donations / scholarships are given without any discrimination of colour, caste or creed.

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